Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki, meaning a ‘hill of flowers’, stands proudly as one of the highest points in the Kathmandu Valley, nestled in the southeast part of Kathmandu. Beyond its altitude, Phulchowki is renowned for offering one of the most picturesque hiking trails, showcasing a rich tapestry of vegetation, providing a haven for bird enthusiasts, exploring the scenic trails, diverse flora and fauna, cultural and spiritual significance of this pristine natural haven. Also Phulchowki is famous for snow fall places of Kathmandu Valley. This is outstanding place where the experience of white snow. There is very minimum places where Kathmandu Valley experience snow fall. While the trek may present challenges, the breathtaking vistas from the summit reward hikers with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the finest aspects of nature. Let’s embark on the Phulchowki hike with pure joy as each step unfolds the beauty of nature.


1. Phulchowki hiking route

The adventure commences at Godawari Bus Stop, serving as the gateway to the captivating Phulchowki trail. Begin by boarding a bus destined for Satdobato, where a seamless transition awaits as you switch to another bus bound for Godawari. While the journey may be lengthy and occasionally met with traffic on the narrow roads, the anticipation of nature’s embrace keeps the spirit high. Upon reaching Godawari, take a southern turn from the bus stop, and let the rhythmic steps guide you into the heart of the Phulchowki hiking trail. Here, amidst the tranquility, the true essence of the journey unfolds, promising a day of exploration and connection with the scenic landscapes that define Phulchowki’s allure.


2. The Trailhead of phulchowki hike

Embark on a detailed exploration of the trailhead, the commencement point of the Phulchowki hike, setting the stage for the exciting adventure ahead. The initial phase of your journey covers a 1.0 km stretch of smooth asphalt, providing a gentle introduction to the hike. As you progress, the trail undergoes a transformation, shifting into a gravel path that signifies the start of your ascent. Prioritize packing a lunch before departing from Godawari, as the trail doesn’t boast any eateries along the way. This careful preparation ensures you are well-equipped for the journey into the heart of Phulchowki’s natural beauty.


3. A Tropical Adventure 

As you walk along the trail, get ready to explore tropical forests and catch glimpses of the busy Kathmandu Valley below. Climbing up to the top of Phulchowki is about going up 1,600 meters and coming down about 500 meters. The trail has some shortcuts with stairs that make the journey both challenging and a bit easier. Don’t forget to take breaks, drink water, and enjoy the changing views as you go up. 


4. Challenges and Peaceful Moments

As you climb higher on the trail, get ready for breathtaking views. The higher you go, the more stunning the scenery becomes. Brace yourself for some tricky sharp turns that might test your endurance a bit. The trail, now gravelly, guides you through thick forests until you reach a small spot decorated with colorful prayer flags, bringing a sense of calm and spirituality to your journey. It’s like a challenging adventure leading to a serene and beautiful destination.


5. Final Ascent

The last part of the climb is quite a challenge, covering about 600 meters in a distance of nearly 5.0 kilometers. It demands a steady and determined pace to conquer the tiring ascent. As you get closer to the top, you’ll find a small check post where army personnel are stationed, ensuring the protection of Phulchowki Hill. Once you reach the summit, be prepared to be amazed by breathtaking views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, and Gaurishankar Himal to the east. It’s the rewarding finale to your demanding but fulfilling ascent.


6. Flora and fauna 

Closely looking at the amazing variety of plants and animals that make the Phulchowki trail their home. One special focus is on the vibrant rhododendron flowers, which add a burst of color to the surroundings. But it’s not just about flowers, Phulchowki is home to many different kinds of plants and animals. Keep an eye out for the unique species of flora and fauna that make this place so special. It’s like stepping into a natural wonderland filled with life and color. 


7. Cultural Highlights

When you reach the top, find a small temple for Hindu pilgrims ‘Phulchoki mai’. It’s decorated with colorful prayer flags waving in the wind. If you’re here in March or April, you might get lucky and catch a month-long festival at the Phulchowki shrine. Before you head back down, share your details at the check post. And if you’re feeling hungry, there’s an army canteen for a quick refreshment. It’s a mix of culture, celebration, and a practical stop at the summit of Phulchowki.


8.Phulchowki hiking time

The time required for the Phulchowki hike can vary based on individual fitness levels, pace, and chosen trails. On average, the hike to the summit of Phulchowki takes around 4 to 6 hours, considering a moderate pace and stops for enjoying the scenery. It’s advisable to start early in the day to make the most of daylight and to allow time for breaks, especially if you plan to explore the summit area and enjoy the breathtaking views. Always check local conditions and weather forecasts, and plan accordingly.


9. Best season to visit phulchowki

The best time to experience the enchanting beauty of Phulchowki is during the spring season, from March to May. During this period, the weather is mild, and the hillsides come alive with the vibrant colors of blooming rhododendron flowers. The clear skies offer breathtaking panoramic views from the summit, creating an ideal setting for nature enthusiasts and trekkers alike. Autumn, from September to November, is also a fantastic time to visit, characterized by pleasant temperatures and clear skies. Both seasons provide an immersive and delightful trekking experience, making Phulchowki a must-visit destination for those seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Phulchowki has become one of the most favorite snowfall locations near the city during the core winter in January/ February. The snowfall at Phulchowki adds to the season’s beauty. However, snow lasts for only a couple of days here.



As we wrap up our journey through Phulchowki, the memories linger like echoes of footsteps on the trail. Each step was a testament to nature’s wonders and our determination. Let’s carry these moments forward, cherishing the blend of challenge and tranquility. Until our next adventure, Phulchowki, you’ve left an indelible mark.

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